FlinchState Class


A Animancer.Examples.AnimatorControllers.GameKit.CharacterState which plays a "getting hit" animation.
graph BT Type-->Base0["CharacterState"] click Base0 "/animancer/api/Animancer.Examples.AnimatorControllers.GameKit/CharacterState" Base0-->Base1["StateBehaviour"] click Base1 "/animancer/api/Animancer.FSM/StateBehaviour" Base1-->Base2["MonoBehaviour"] Type-.->Interface0["IOwnedState<CharacterState>"] Type-.->Interface1["IState"] click Interface1 "/animancer/api/Animancer.FSM/IState" Type["FlinchState"] class Type type-node


[AddComponentMenu(Strings.ExamplesMenuPrefix + "Game Kit - Flinch State")]
[HelpURL(Strings.DocsURLs.ExampleAPIDocumentation + nameof(AnimatorControllers) + "." + nameof(GameKit) + "/" + nameof(FlinchState))]
public sealed class FlinchState : CharacterState, IOwnedState<CharacterState>, IState


3D Game Kit/Flinch


Type Description


Name Value Summary
CanEnterState bool
[Animancer.FSM.IState.CanEnterState] Determines whether the Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`1 can enter this state. Always returns true unless overridden.
Inherited from StateBehaviour
CanExitState bool
[Animancer.FSM.IState.CanExitState] Determines whether the Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`1 can exit this state. Always returns true unless overridden.
Character Character
Inherited from CharacterState
FullMovementControl bool
Indicates whether the root motion applied each frame while this state is active should be constrained to only move in the specified CharacterBrain.Movement. Otherwise the root motion can move the Animancer.Examples.AnimatorControllers.GameKit.CharacterState.Character in any direction. Default is true.
OwnerStateMachine StateMachine<CharacterState>
The Animancer.FSM.StateMachine`1 that this state is used in.
Inherited from CharacterState
RootMotion Vector3
Some states (such as Animancer.Examples.AnimatorControllers.GameKit.AirborneState) will want to apply their own source of root motion, but most will just use the root motion from the animations.
Inherited from CharacterState
StickToGround bool
Jumping enters the Animancer.Examples.AnimatorControllers.GameKit.AirborneState, but UnityEngine.CharacterController.isGrounded doesn't become false until after the first update, so we want to make sure the Animancer.Examples.AnimatorControllers.GameKit.CharacterState.Character won't stick to the ground during that update.
Inherited from CharacterState


Name Value Summary
OnDamageReceived() void
OnEnterState() void
[Animancer.FSM.IState.OnEnterState] Asserts that this component isn't already enabled, then enables it.
Inherited from StateBehaviour
OnExitState() void
[Animancer.FSM.IState.OnExitState] Asserts that this component isn't already disabled, then disables it.
Inherited from StateBehaviour
OnValidate() void
[Editor-Only] States start disabled and only the current state gets enabled at runtime.
Inherited from CharacterState