ProceduralScriptPanel Class


[Editor-Only, Internal] A base Weaver.Editor.Window.WeaverWindowPanel class for panels specific to a certain procedural script.
graph BT Type-->Base0["WeaverWindowPanel"] click Base0 "/weaver/api/Weaver.Editor.Window/WeaverWindowPanel" Base0-->Base1["Object"] Type["ProceduralScriptPanel"] class Type type-node Derived0["AnimationsPanel"]-->Type click Derived0 "/weaver/api/Weaver.Editor.Window/AnimationsPanel" Derived1["NavAreasPanel"]-->Type click Derived1 "/weaver/api/Weaver.Editor.Window/NavAreasPanel" Derived2["TagsPanel"]-->Type click Derived2 "/weaver/api/Weaver.Editor.Window/TagsPanel" Derived3["ShadersPanel"]-->Type click Derived3 "/weaver/api/Weaver.Editor.Window/ShadersPanel" Derived4["ScenesPanel"]-->Type click Derived4 "/weaver/api/Weaver.Editor.Window/ScenesPanel" Derived5["LayersPanel"]-->Type click Derived5 "/weaver/api/Weaver.Editor.Window/LayersPanel"


public abstract class ProceduralScriptPanel : WeaverWindowPanel


Name Constant Value Summary
All the Weaver.InjectionAttributes have been classified for this panel.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel


Name Value Summary
IsExpanded bool
Determines whether this panel is currently expanded by comparing the index specified in Weaver.Editor.Window.WeaverWindowPanel.Initialize(System.Int32) with Weaver.Editor.WeaverWindowSettings.currentPanel.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
Name string
The display name of this panel.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
Settings ProceduralScriptSettings
The base settings for the procedural script this panel manages.
VisibleInjectorCount int
The number of Weaver.InjectionAttributes that are shown in this panel.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel


Name Value Summary
CheckHeaderContextMenu() bool
Opens a context menu if the current event is a Right Click.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
DoBodyGUI() void
Draws the Body GUI for this panel which is only displayed while it is expanded.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
DoGroupedInjectorListGUI() void
Draws the Weaver.Editor.Window.WeaverWindowPanel.Injectors list, grouped by namespaces.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
DoGUI() void
Draws the GUI for this panel.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
DoHeaderGUI() void
Draws the Header GUI for this panel which is displayed regardless of whether it is expanded or not.
DoInjectorListGUI() void
Draws each element in the Weaver.Editor.Window.WeaverWindowPanel.Injectors list.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
Initialize(int) void
Sets up the initial state of this panel.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
OnDisable() void
Called by Weaver.Editor.Window.WeaverWindow.OnDisable().
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel
PopulateHeaderContextMenu(GenericMenu) void
Adds functions to the header context menu.
Inherited from WeaverWindowPanel