This documentation helps you understand how to use UltEvents in your projects. You can read it from start to finish, or use it as a reference.

Quick Start

private UltEvents.UltEvent _MyEvent;
  1. To create an UltEvent: declare a serialized field in your script as shown above.
  2. Once you have declared your event it will show up in the Inspector for your script like a regular field so you can configure it to run code.
  3. To trigger the execution of the event, simply call _MyEvent.Invoke().
  • There are also various Premade Event Scripts which expose MonoBehaviour events like Awake, Update, etc.
  • A scene with some example events can be found in Assets/Plugins/UltEvents/Example.
  • You can safely move this plugin anywhere in your project.

The UltEvents package includes a Documentation.url file to bring you here, or you can use the [?] help button in the top right of the UltEventHolder Inspector (or any of the other components) to open up its specific API Documentation page.

UltEvents vs. UnityEvents Compare the features of UltEvents with UnityEvents.
Creating and Triggering How to add events to your scripts and trigger them.
Inspector Configuration How to set up events in the Inspector.
Advanced How to use the more complex features.
Change Log A list of all changes that have been made in each release of UltEvents.

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