AssetList<T> Class


An Weaver.AssetList that serializes direct references to the target assets.
Base Types
Derived Types
graph BT Type-->Base0["AssetList"] click Base0 "/weaver/api/Weaver/AssetList" Base0-->Base1["AssetListBase"] click Base1 "/weaver/api/Weaver/AssetListBase" Base1-->Base2["ScriptableObject"] Type-.->Interface0["WeaverWindow.IItem"] Type-.->Interface1["IAssetList<T>"] Type-.->Interface2["IEnumerable<T>"] Type["AssetList<T>"] class Type type-node Derived0["ObjectList"]-->Type click Derived0 "/weaver/api/Weaver/ObjectList" Derived1["MissileList"]-->Type click Derived1 "/weaver/api/Weaver/MissileList"


public class AssetList<T> : AssetList, WeaverWindow.IItem, IAssetList<T>, IEnumerable<T> 
    where T : Object

Type Parameters

Name Description


Name Value Summary
AssetType Type
The type of assets in this list.
Count int
The number of assets in this list.
Directory DefaultAsset
[Editor-Only] The directory from which this list will gather assets.
Inherited from AssetList
IsLazy bool
False. This list will load all its assets immediately on startup.
MetaDataType Type
The type of meta data in this list.
Inherited from AssetListBase
Recursive bool
[Editor-Only] If true: this list will gather assets in any sub-directories as well as the target directory.
Inherited from AssetList
this[int] T
Gets the asset at the specified index in this list.
Tooltip string
[Editor-Only] The text to use to describe this list when showing a tooltip in the Weaver.Editor.Window.WeaverWindow.
Inherited from AssetListBase


Name Value Summary
Clear() void
Clears all the assets from this list.
DoDetailsGUI() void
[Editor-Only] Draws GUI controls for the assets in this list.
GatherAssets() void
[Editor-Only] Gathers all assets in the target Weaver.AssetList.Directory and stores them in the serialized Weaver.AssetList`1._Assets list.
GatherAssets<T>(List<T>) void
[Editor-Only] Gathers all assets in the target Weaver.AssetListBase.Directory into the `assets` list.
Inherited from AssetListBase
GatherAssets<T>(List<T>, string, bool) void
[Editor-Only] Gathers all assets in the target Weaver.AssetListBase.Directory into the `assets` list.
Inherited from AssetListBase
GatherAssetsIfDirty() void
[Editor-Only] Gathers the assets in the target Weaver.AssetListBase.Directory if they might have changed since this method was last called.
Inherited from AssetListBase
GatherResources<T>(List<string>, List<T>) void
[Editor-Only] Gathers all assets and their resource paths in the target Weaver.AssetListBase.Directory.
Inherited from AssetListBase
GetAndVerifyDirectoryPath() string
[Editor-Only] Returns the path of the target Weaver.AssetListBase.Directory relative to the project root or null if a valid folder isn't assigned.
Inherited from AssetListBase
GetEnumerator() IEnumerator<T>
Returns an enumerator that iterates through all assets in this list.
GetRandomIndex() int
Returns a random index in this list.
Inherited from AssetListBase
OnDisable() void
[Editor-Only] Called by Unity when this list is unloaded. Ensures that all assets in the target Weaver.AssetListBase.Directory are gathered so they can be serialized.
Inherited from AssetListBase
OnEnable() void
[Editor-Only] Ensures that this list is in the global collection of all lists so it can be displayed in the Weaver Window and can show project window overlays on its target assets.
Inherited from AssetListBase
Reset() void
[Editor-Only] Assigns the currently selected object as the Weaver.AssetListBase.Directory if possible.
Inherited from AssetListBase
SetListTypes(Type, Type, Type) void
[Editor-Only] Assigns the list types that need to be defined outside this assembly so they c an be used internally.
Inherited from AssetListBase
ToString() string
Returns a description of the contents of this list.