I've recently been getting quite a few questions from people who are in the middle of a project built around Animator Controllers where they would like the ability to play separate Animation Clips alongside them as well as people who are unsure of how to go about deconstructing their Animator Controllers to use Animancer instead.

So that's the main focus of the v3.1 update:

  • Added a HybridAnimancerComponent with an example to demonstrate how to use a default Animator Controller for some things and separate AnimationClips for others.
  • Added another example which renames the Animator Controller based player character from Unity's 3D Game Kit to use Animancer instead.
  • Added a Root Motion example to demonstrate how serializables can be used to indicate whether each animation should use root motion or not. This is by far the largest of any of the examples.
  • Added AnimancerUtilities.EditModePlay to more easily play animations in Edit Mode (it was already possible, this just makes it a bit easier).
  • Added a Toggle Looping Context Menu Function to AnimationClip assets (since you can't multi-edit them).

See the Change Log for the full list of changes.

I've also added a quick Survey to the Read Me to hopefully get some feedback about which features people actually use and what I can improve in the future. As always, any other feedback and questions are appreciated.

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