Inspector Gadgets is a Unity plugin which enhances various aspects of the Unity Editor to streamline your development workflow.

Download it for free and check out the Documentation to get started.

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Changes in v6.0:

  • Inspector Gadgets Pro is now delivered as regular scripts instead of a pre-compiled DLL to make it easier to view and modify the source code. Also reorganized the namespaces.

Warning: when upgrading from an earlier version you must delete the old version before importing the new one. This will also cause any Inspector Gadgets components (such as CommentComponent) in your project to go missing so you will need to set them all up again. This is an unfortunate side effect of the way Unity handles references to scripts inside a DLL compared to regular script files.

  • Added Persist After Play Mode context menu function to all serialized properties.
  • Added [OnOpenAsset] functions which are triggered when you hold certain modifier keys and Double Click on an asset in the Project window:
    • Alt + Double Click on a prefab to Instantiate it in the scene.
    • If you hold Ctrl as well it will also focus the camera on the instance.
    • Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Double Click any asset to open its folder in your OS file explorer.
  • Added context menu handler for AnimationCurve properties with several functions: Smooth Tangents, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Enforce Horizontal Symmetry, Extend Mirrorred.

Next up I'm planning to make some more example scenes for Animancer.