UltEvents allows you to easily setup and configure persistent event callbacks via the Inspector. It serves the same purpose as the inbuilt UnityEvents, but has superior features with fewer restrictions and an improved Inspector interface which requires fewer clicks to perform individual tasks.

Download it for free and check out the Documentation to get started.

[Download] [Documentation] [Forum] [mail@kybernetik.com.au]

Changes in v2.0:

  • Moved everything out of the precompiled DLL to make it easier to access and modify the source code.

Warning: when upgrading from an earlier version you must delete the old version before importing the new one. This will also cause all of the Premade Event Scripts in your project to go missing so you will need to set them all up again. This is an unfortunate side effect of the way Unity handles references to scripts inside a DLL compared to regular script files.

  • Replaced PDF user manual with a website hosted at https://kybernetikgames.github.io/ultevents.
  • Added support for constructors.
  • Added interfaces corresponding to all UltEvent types so that the ability to add and remove listeners can be exposed without exposing the ability to invoke, clear, or access other members of the event.
  • Fixed cached PersistentArgument values to be cleared properly when the user modifies the argument in the Inspector.
  • Removed the Parameter Constructors sub-menu because it isn't particularly useful now that actual constructors are supported.

Next up I'm planning to work on an update for Inspector Gadgets.