Animancer v6.0 is currently available for testing.


Unity Default

Once you have imported some Sprites, you can make an animation by dragging and dropping them into the Hierarchy window:

  1. Select the Sprites.
  2. Drag and Drop them into the Hierarchy window.
  3. Use the dialogue box to choose where to save the animation and what to call it.
  4. Delete the object it created in the scene.
  5. Delete the Animator Controller it created (because you don't need them with Animancer).

The third thing it created is the animation containing those Sprites.

Once you create a few animations, you can start playing them as shown in the Examples. Playing a Sprite based animation works the same as playing an animation on a 3D model.

Animancer plays the same Animation Clips as Unity's Animator Controller system, so any of the official Unity tutorials about creating Sprite animations will still be relevant:


The above workflow is somewhat tedious, so some tools are being developed for Animancer to make it easier. They are currently available in the Animancer v6.0 Test Release

One of the tools lets you easily generate animations based on Sprite names:

It groups the Sprites based on their names with any numbers removed from the end. For example:

Sprites Animation
  • Dog-Idle1
  • Dog-Idle2
Dog-Idle.anim (2 frames)
  • Dog2-Walk 1
  • Dog2-Walk 2
  • Dog2-Walk 3
  • Dog2-Walk 4
Dog2-Walk.anim (4 frames)

Feedback and Suggestions

These tools are still under development and will require user feedback and suggestions for new tools in order to improve the development pipeline as much as possible so please use the contact methods listed on the Help page if you have any ideas.