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IHasIK Interface


A node which has an Inverse Kinematics system that can be enabled and disabled.
Implementing Types
graph BT Type["IHasIK"] class Type type-node Implementing0["ClipState"]-.->Type click Implementing0 "/animancer/api/Animancer/ClipState" Implementing1["AnimancerLayer"]-.->Type click Implementing1 "/animancer/api/Animancer/AnimancerLayer" Implementing2["AnimancerPlayable"]-.->Type click Implementing2 "/animancer/api/Animancer/AnimancerPlayable"


public interface IHasIK


Documentation: Inverse Kinematics


Name Value Summary
ApplyAnimatorIK bool
Determines whether OnAnimatorIK(int layerIndex) will be called on the animated object while this node is active. The initial value is determined by Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.DefaultApplyAnimatorIK when a new state is created and setting this value will also set the default.

This is equivalent to the "IK Pass" toggle in Animator Controller layers, except that due to limitations in the Playables API the layerIndex will always be zero.
ApplyFootIK bool
Determines whether this node or any of its children should apply IK to the character's feet. The initial value is determined by Animancer.AnimancerPlayable.DefaultApplyFootIK when a new state is created.

This is equivalent to the "Foot IK" toggle in Animator Controller states.
Root AnimancerPlayable
The Animancer.AnimancerPlayable at the root of the graph.