TimeRuler Class


[Editor-Only] Draws a GUI box denoting a period of time.
Base Types
  • Object
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public sealed class TimeRuler


Name Value Summary
EventIcon Texture
The icon used for events.


Name Value Summary
BeginGUI(Rect) void
Sets the `area` in which the ruler will be drawn and draws a UnityEngine.GUI.Box(UnityEngine.Rect,System.String) there. Must be followed by a call to Animancer.Editor.TimeRuler.EndGUI.
DoEventsGUI(EventSequenceDrawer.Context, float) void
Draws the details of the Animancer.Editor.EventSequenceDrawer.Context.Callbacks.
DoFadeHighlightGUI() void
Draws a polygon describing the start, end, and fade details.
DoGUI(Rect, EventSequenceDrawer.Context, float) void
Draws the ruler GUI and handles input events for the specified `context`.
DoRulerGUI() void
Draws ticks and labels for important times throughout the area.
EndGUI() void
Uses any unused UnityEngine.EventType.MouseDown events in the area and ends the area started by Animancer.Editor.TimeRuler.BeginGUI(UnityEngine.Rect).
GetFadeOutEnd(float, float, float) float
Calculates the end time of the fade out.
NormalizedToSeconds(float) float
Converts a normalized time value to a number of seconds.
PixelsToSeconds(float) float
Converts a horizontal pixel position along the ruler to a number of seconds.
SecondsToNormalized(float) float
Converts a number of seconds to a normalized time value.
SecondsToPixels(float) float
Converts a number of seconds to a horizontal pixel position along the ruler.